Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I like MyRedBook

I just wanted to take a moment to plug the website MyRedBook is an excellent Guide for Escort, Massage, and Strip Club services all throughout California, and other parts of the USA. They offer two private Review Sections (Normal and VIP),
Even though escorting isn't for me, I do not have one problem, or pass judgment on women who do choose to escort for a living.
I've made it no secret that I support the legalization of prostitution. Workers in the sex industry deserve the same rights as workers in any other trade, including the right to legal protection from crimes such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape.
What I like about MyRedBook is that it helps get women off the streets and work independently. 
Women can join up for FREE and post ads for their services and video chat. RedBook has an awesome forum section for all members discussing anything from politics, health, safety, and even legal information.
They also have a great sister site called MyPinkBook that is just for the ladies. It’s a great place for providers to find common ground.

Here's an example of some of the great topics in the forum:

Medical Center
Red Book Diaries : relationships, dating
Pool Hall : sports, technology, arts
Community Hall : politics, world affairs
Financial Affairs : business, personal
The Body Shop : body art
The Library : books, literature
rbTunes : music, tunes

rbPhotos : mobile phone pix, video

RateMe @ myRedBook
My Pink Book : hearts only


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PokerBabe said...

Uh... What???
Please learn how to use proper English when you post a reply on my blog.

Anonymous said...

You must think this will boost your business. Redbook is misogynistic. It is another way to control women, and in this case control working girls. These men on RB all play the victim. They assume this manner of being the wounded man who will never be fooled again.

Yes, I'm sure you and these misogynistic men take great pride in promoting a website that keeps women who already have no where else to turn under the the thumb of men.

Anonymous said...

I love Myredbook, I'm a male and have been seeing woman on there since I was 18. I have no regrets having sex with prostitutes, I'm an average looking guy at best and Myredbook has allowed me to plow some the best looking women my town has to offer.Prostitutes have been around since the days befor Jesus, it was no big deal back in the day, don't know where the world went wrong.

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