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Well this post isn't just sex worker related, it can be applied to anyone, but I felt this advice should be shared on my blog anyways.

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Here's a list of some tricks that you might not know about that will save you money:

Compress Your Data
If you don't have unlimited data on your phone, you probably live in fear of overage charges. Give yourself a little breathing room by downloading the free app Onavo. It compresses the data you use and tracks where you use your data so you can see where you use the most and adjust your habits accordingly.

How to Shop for Airfare
If you are planning a trip and are searching for airfare online, be sure to clear your browser history before looking up prices for flights. It has been discovered that sites will actually raise their prices if they can see that you are actively searching for flights! You can save about $50 on flights using this method.

Save Money at Target
If you shop at Target, here is an invaluable guide to getting the best deals:
If a clearance price ends in 8, it will be marked down again.
If it ends in 4, it's the lowest it will ever go.
  • Monday: kid's clothes, stationary, electronics marked down
  • Tuesday: women's clothing, domestics
  • Wednesday: men's clothes, toys, health and beauty
  • Thursday: lingerie, shoes, housewares
  • Friday: cosmetics

Buy Discount Gift Cards
If you have some gifts to buy or some purchases you have to make, look online to see if you can buy some gift cards at a discount and save some money. People can sell their unused gift cards to these sites and you can snatch them up for much less than their face value, usually at about half the price.

When to Buy a Car
If you are in the market to buy a car, try to visit the dealership at the end of the month. If they have had a slow month, dealers will often do almost anything to make a deal with you, including take a loss, just to make their quotas.

Unplug It
If you find yourself saying bad words every time you pay your electric bill every month, you might need to start unplugging things in your house. What you might not know is that many of your appliances are sucking up the wattage even if they are turned off, just because they are still plugged in! This includes things like your toaster, coffee maker and TV. If you don't want to go around unplugging things all day, you can buy a smart power strip at a cost of $25-$50, which will sense when something isn't in use and disconnect it for you.

Save on Disposable Razors
Are you sick of spending obscene amounts of money on disposable razors or cartridges? Make your razors last longer with a couple of tips. First of all, keep your razor from water damage and rusting by drying it with a blow dryer after each use. Then sharpen it by rubbing it the opposite way across an old pair of jeans. Some people claim to be using the same disposable razor for months with this method and no nicks!

Visit the Library
If you haven't visited the library since you were a kid, perhaps now is the time! Libraries have many new features you may not know about that can save you a lot of money. They can offer free movie game and audiobook rentals. And many libraries even have a huge free digital library of e-books that you can access right from the comfort of your own home!

Lower the Brightness
If you haven't already, lower the brightness on your HDTV and computer or laptop monitor. There is no real need for it to be at it's highest brightness setting and lowering it to a more reasonable level can save you about 40% on power consumption costs! It will also make your electronics last longer.

Lower Your Bills
Did you know that you might be able to lower many of your bills just by asking? Many of your household bills offer low income discounts, such as the gas and electric bill. Just call and ask if you qualify. And you can call places such as your cable company and simply ask for a lower rate. If that doesn't work, sometimes threatening (in a polite manner) to cancel your service will suddenly unlock a previously unavailable lower rate. If that doesn't work, consider actually canceling and having a roommate sign back up again in their name to take advantage of new introductory rates!

Put a Brick in Your Tank
Is your water bill too high every month or do you live in an area in the middle of a drought? Put a brick in your toilet tank and you will save a brick's worth of water every time the toilet is flushed without doing anything else different. The toilet will flush just fine with less water.

Price Match
Don't just shop around for the best deals. Also try to shop at stores that offer price matching. Then if you make a big purchase keep an eye out to see if the thing you bought drops in price either at the store you bought it at or a different store. If so, don't be afraid to go get your difference in money back!


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