My Black List

I've been debating on whether or not to do this for some time now. But I've decided it's better to warn my fellow camgirls about certain members who are just up to no good. I'm only going to post about members that I know from first hand experience are bad news.
This list is reserved for the scummiest MFC members:

Chatting with me about doing a skype show for 45 mins, getting me to leave my count down show on MFC because you said that you were going to pay me $400, and then not following through after you realized that no matter how much you tried, that I still wasn't going to start the show until I saw that the payment went through on my payoneer account (thus, hustling me into giving u a free skype show)

This asshole has ripped off plenty of other cam models besides myself, and has even admitted it himself.

The "shrinking fetish" guy who is posing as a girl/model. TIME WASTER!!! Will try to con you into doing a free skype show.

Will "buy" you something off of your Amazon wishlist to try to get extras from you, then cancel the order before it ships and get his money back.
He also claims that he lost sight in one eye during the September 11th attacks.
(Although I noticed in his profile, it says his occupation is "Photography". That's pretty remarkable that even though he says he can barely see, he still manages to land an occupation in photography, don't ya' think?!)

More to come as I think of them...

(This was originally posted on tumblr by Miss_Lollipop, but I also had this same guy try to run the same scam on me.)
Ladies of the cam world - a WARNING about a member!
He’s using multiple MFC accounts, and changing his name regularly. He’ll mail you about a week after a show, and tell you with specific references to the show (ie. he was in the room and saw it) or name the video he bought, that he tipped for a video and you never sent it.
He also pmed me once about it in NJ.
He’s fairly convincing if you aren’t paying attention/sent out a lot of vids in a show and might have missed one.
Anyone claiming to have vids or pics owed - pay attention and look it up! You can easily do this by using the USER LOOK UP tool in your admin, or by going into your TOKEN SESSIONS tab, hit “all records” (for the month) and clicking ctrl+F and typing the name. If he’s anywhere on the page, his name will show up when you type it.
Please RT and Reblog … I very nearly sent this guy vids he didnt pay for.
Members have tried to guilt-trip me like this before. “One day I advertised your room in the lounge and got you so many tokens, you promised me a free show. You don’t remember? Wow, that’s really cold. I had no idea you were like that…”
Look up your token stats and check the member’s name. If there isn’t a tip record, they didn’t buy it. Simple as that.