Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cam Girl The Movie Review

Posted on February 20, 2011 at 12:35 AM
Chemical Burns Entertainment
Directed by Philip Gardiner
Reviewed by Charlynn Hardin

Times are hard in merry ole England, where nursing student Mary O’Brien is forced into resorting to unconventional avenues to support her. With no family to speak of, Mary turns to the new version of the oldest profession … prostitution.  Mary becomes a Cam Girl. She doesn’t fancy herself a regular prostitute, because there is no sexual intercourse. No, Mary is selling her body’s image through a live feed over the Internet.
Using the camera on her laptop, Mary wears naughty see-thru outfits meant to tease online “Johns”.  The money is paid to an online company, who acts as Mary’s Pimp, who subtracts their cut and sends the rest. Mary has as many negligee changes as Cher has costume changes during her concerts!
There is a darker seedier side to Mary’s new lifestyle … dealing with the whack jobs that frequent this sort of entertainment.  Mary’s whack job comes in the form of an overly concerned-for-her viewer, who hates how Mary subjects herself to the perverts who frequent her site. This is where I hush. Else I will spoil the ending for you.
Aside from the full body nudity with this movie, I actually liked this story. And can feel her terror as her online persona collides with her real life; that begins to fall apart because of the machinations of an overly protective viewer. Who, but excuse me, he is paying her just like the other “Johns”/viewers.
My complaints with this film are few. Starting with the background music, it never seemed to stop. At times the background music was louder than the character. And with only one character in the majority of the scenes, this gets a little annoying and redundant. Secondly, the point of view is only enforced by Mary, as the others are voices from the phone or words spoken as chat from the Internet. There is one scene, where she is posing for pictures and the photographer is seen. The final scene she is not alone.
Overall, I liked the story, and Layla Randle-Conde was convincing and I loved her accent. There was nothing grainy about the shooting of this film. Crisp and clear and the colors weren’ off as they were in another Chemical Burn movie I reviewed. It’s worthy of another viewing at 4.5 out of 10.
The CAM GIRL DVD comes with behind the EXTRAS plus a performance by Angellis singing, “Still Love You to Death”. Check http://www.chemicalburn.org for release date.

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