Thursday, November 15, 2012

Verify him

Verify him
I don't know if you gals have ever heard of this site but if you haven't joined yet, you are missing out on a great resource. Basically it's a black list for not just dangerous clients but ass holes and time wasters too. There search database returns all sorts of useful info on the guy you want to find out more about.

There's also a wealth of helpful tips and tricks to help keep you smart and safe.

You get your own profile and blog and can add other members to your friends list. You can also live chat with other gals online (kinda like on facebook).

It's a great networking tool as well as a beautiful support system of other lovely ladies who can relate to all the same things from working in this business.


getragene Slips said...

Hi leute ich biete cam to cam auf MYSEXBAY an. würde mich freuen euch zu bedienen.

mark said...

Das ist ein Fetisch den ich nicht ganz verstehe. würde für cam nie bezahlen, aber was soll es, jeder wie er will

PokerBabe said...

Sprechen Sie Englisch auf meinem Blog