Sunday, March 3, 2013

MFC Profile Check List

This is a check list I put together for new models on MFC when adding information to their profile. If you can think of anything else that would be good to put on the list, please add it in the comments section. Thanks

Two of the most important links you need to include in your MFC profile are to your twitter account and to leave an offline tip. Twitter is awesome advertising and is a must for every cam model to have IMO. If you want to get guys to follow you on twitter, then you need to remember to post the link on your profile. And if you want guys to leave you offline tips, you really should have the link on your profile as well. Sometimes it can be hard for members to figure out where to go on the site to send a model a tip offline. If you add it to your profile, you make it that much easier for the member and increase your chances of getting them. If you have your own website, posting the URL to it on your profile is also a must.
Another link to think about having on your profile is to your Amazon wishlist. Although I have to warn you that Amazon wishlists aren’t for every cam model. It all depends on the level of privacy that you want to keep. Amazon wishlist will display your city, and you should probably remember to use your “stage name” on your Amazon profile instead of your real name.

So to re-cap on links to include in your MFC profile:

  • Twitter
  • Offline Tips
  • Your Website URL
  • And possibly your Amazon Wishlist

Every model should have a set of standards for her room. Let people know what they are in your profile. It doesn’t have to be a super long list, and I recommend that you not make it too complicated or have a bunch of trivial rules either. Just something short and to the point on what you feel is the most important.
A list of rules can be different for every model, but here’s a few that just about all models can use:

  • Be respectful,
  • Say please and thank you,
  • No bad mouthing anyone in the chat room…

You would think that these would go without saying, but it really is something that a lot of these knuckle heads do need to be reminded of every so often. Plus it’s a good thing to have up to stay reminded of the standards that you set for yourself and that to accept anything less from a member is unacceptable.

  •  No begging,
  •  Please tip if you have a request…

Again, you would think that this would be common knowledge, but these guys aren’t always thinking with the head that’s on their shoulders, when they’re on this site.

  •  Have fun and enjoy yourself…

I think every model should always close out their rules with this one. It lets them know that although there are rules in your chat room; one of those rules is for their enjoyment.

 What to expect in Public, Private, and Group Chat
Let the guys know the kind of things that you like to do, and what your limits are. This will help you avoid having to answer the same questions over and over, and advertises what you have to offer.

  •  Do you use toys?
  •  How far do you go in public chat?
  •  Do you like anal?
  •  Etc…

Answers to FAQs
Again, if you want to avoid wasting time answering the same questions over and over again, having a list of answers to frequently asked questions is a must.
Some common FAQs that most models get are:

  • Do you do phone sex?
  • Do you fist?
  • Do you squirt?
  • Do you like anal?
  • Do you like DP?
  • Do you meet up in person?

Content for sale
Advertisements for other things that you can sell for tokens are a great incentive for guys to tip. Some things that you can sell are:

  • Videos

Make some videos and upload them to with a password is what I do.

  • Private Galleries

Sell the password to your private galleries on MFC.

  • Panties

Just make sure that your covered for the cost of the shipping, what you paid for you panties, and still making a profit after all is said and done.

  •  Membership to your private blog

Having a private blog where you upload videos, pictures, write stories, etc… I recommend using tumblr for your private blog. With tumblr, you can just password protect your blog, and change the password every month. Your guys will have to remember to tip you for their monthly dues if they want to get the new password from you and continue to have access to your blog.


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