Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally seeing results...

Well after posting some fitness progress pics, a friend of mine asked me what my secret was... so I thought I'd share what it was that I did to get me to how I look now. I am by no means at my goal just yet, but I am finally starting to see the results I've been working for.

LOL look at that tummy... yuck!!! That was taken on Nov 12, 2012, I was stretching to do the splits. I'm still not able to do the splits just yet, but of course, I'm still working on it.

Now, here's some more recent ones...

Basically, what I did was a lot of cardio, especially a lot of dancing in front of the mirror to salsa music (I'm sure I looked absolutely ridiculous, but who cares if it's giving me results right?!
I stayed away from carbs (bread, cakes, rice, ect...) after 5pm
Also, I was swimming 20 laps in the pool everyday for 2 weeks right before I took these pics.
Core exercises, crunches, and weights on and off.
(I'll make a video on what and how to properly do those exercises soon)
Eating oatmeal in the morning before working out,
lots of food that's high in protein after,
vitamin supplements, and fish oil pills.

(Although I have to admit I'm rusty...) I also practiced what I learned in martial arts on and off as well.

Here's some more progress pics after that workout...

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I hope everyone finds this helpful.
Happy Camming!!!

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