Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More thoughts about the “take down’ of MyRedbook.

I was doing some more research into the latest news on the MyRedbook ordeal, and I came across this comment in a reddit thread. User name ‘nacho-bitch’ had this to say,

‘So my friend Annmarie is one of the defendants (I got to pick her up from federal court the other day since the FBI was just going to leave her stranded in San Francisco). She is a contract employee (has a 1099 so it's all legal) that does all the moderation for the site. Her whole job was basically to make sure that there was no child porn. So yeah, she is now on house arrest and her child is in CPS because she spent her day keeping child abuse off that site.”

Well how to you like that? Yet another example of cruel irony. This was all done under the guise of keeping children safe. Yet, kids are five times more likely to die from physical abuse and eleven times more likely to be sexually abused under state run “child protection” care.

My heart just goes out to her. Although I don’t know her personally, she was always very nice to me in chat and came across a sincere person. I wish I knew how to get in touch with her so I could find out exactly what we can do to help her during her time of need. I’m sure that she must be in need of funds for her legal defense, as well as general living expenses. I don’t know what kind of money she was making working for Red, but I’m sure that if she was able to save up anything substantial, the Feds most likely seized it.
There has to be some way we could start a fundraiser for her. I’ve done a few in the past for friends of mine that turned out to be very successful. MRB had a huge following, I’m sure that if everyone who ever appreciated MyRedbook and is now devastated that it’s gone, managed to chip in, even just a small amount, it would make a huge impact on her situation.