Friday, August 21, 2015

Camgirls, this is a must read!!!

(This was too inspirational not to re-post)

There are those days when you get an insanely huge tip and practically want to cry.
When EVERYONE wants to take you private.
When your chat room is full of so many people that you can't possibly respond to them all.
When everyone wants you, compliments you, and makes you feel like a total babe.

And you DO feel like a total babe.
You've got the wind (from a fan) blowing in your hair, the light hits you just right, and your makeup in on point.
And even if you don't feel like you look perfect, the positive response in your chat room and the constant flow of tips make you feel like you're doing something right.

This thread is not about those days.

This is for the nights when you only made $7 and you feel like shit.
When your ranking on the site tanks, or doesn't climb the way you wanted it to.

The reality is that you are selling a part of yourself, so when they aren't buying, it can make you wonder... what's wrong with me?
Am I not pretty enough, creative enough, funny enough, smart enough, explicit enough?

Do I need a better webcam, better sound, better lighting, better clothes, better toys, better everything?

I want you to know that whether you made $1 tonight or $10,000, it does not change your value.
The only thing that determines your value is what YOU think of you.

There's going to be slow nights. And slow months. And maybe even slower years.
Some of this is within our control, and some of it's not.
Feel free to bring your A game - upgrade your tech, make up a new game, create some content.

Just know that you ARE enough, just as you are.
No ranking on a cam site, or number of dollars or tokens can ever determine your true value.

Don't compromise your values or level of comfort to make money. Let go of caring what others think of you and your inner spark and beautiful awesomeness will shine like a 5-carat diamond.

When the viewers see your spark, the real you.... the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you're interested in, when you find something genuinely funny, or when you are truly truly turned on because you're keeping the sexual activity to things that do it for you... the dollars flow.

And when the dollars don't flow - remember that it's not about you.

You are enough (and so am I.)

Love always,
Inspirational Writer & (new-ish) Cam Girl 

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