Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pizza Guy's Big Surprize

Miss_Lollipop's epic show!!! I was on Twitter when I noticed her Tweet that she ordered a pizza and if she got 3000 tokens by the time he got to her home to deliver the pizza, that she would answer the door naked.

There was 387 left to go when they heard the pizza guy getting close, but womenlover10 came through just in time.

The show was great. Miss_Lollipop stuck it out like a trooper and showed major BALLZ by answering the door in the buff. The pizza guy was super happy. Oh, and she even tipped him $5.00. The pizza guy said it was the best tip ever!

Miss_Lollipop You ROCK!!!!!!

Text from the chat room:  
Topic: Answer Door Naked to Pizza guy! 387tks. Streaking = back up!
BobbyJ32252: Lay back and relax Miss Lollipop, much beter view
rider616: its cute nervousness
grandius: 500 more to answer with ballgag? XD
BobbyJ32252: There you go
BobbyJ32252: Is he there?
womenlover10 has tipped Miss_Lollipop 387 tokens.
grandius: womenlover
onewhizard: thanks womenlover
Topic: Answer Door Naked to Pizza guy! tip if you like lady ballz
MasterLando: turn to the left.
Miss_Lollipop: i think hes lost
CDOGGIE80: cant see door very well
durtypeep: turn it towards the door
MasterLando: that's better
Zardoom: YOU CAN DO IT
Zardoom has tipped Miss_Lollipop 20 tokens.
Zardoom has tipped Miss_Lollipop 20 tokens.
reisidentevi: lol woot
Zardoom has tipped Miss_Lollipop 20 tokens.
CDOGGIE80: nicely done!!!
grandius: i declare this a success
hoggle1981: omg i got here just int time.
Wolfofnorth: Well done
piglett26: you rock
Nosfarato: Go Lolli!
Zardoom: you go girl YAA YOU DID IT WOO HOO
RandomFellow: so, better than expected?
only_a_basic: now lock the door
mytymike: freakin awesome. Loved his reaction.
NightHoss77: wow awesome
grandius: "oh wow..thats awesome"
CDOGGIE80: lock all the doors
BobbyJ32252: Very Very nice, sure would have loved to see his face!
Zardoom has tipped Miss_Lollipop 14 tokens.
Got_The_Nutz: YOU ROCK!!!!!!
rider616: awesome haha
durtypeep: you are awesome
CDOGGIE80: couldn't see him at all
BobbyJ32252: Seriously do that, lock the doors girl
CDOGGIE80: yeah heard him
rumncoke0482: you prob will always have hella quick service now
Nosfarato: haha
rumncoke0482: let alone they will be fighting to deliver to you
Got_The_Nutz: what a rush huh?
Nosfarato: Hey, yeah he did thanks
grandius: next time you call there is going to be a battle royale at the pizza place to see who the driver is
BobbyJ32252: Best pizza delivery service ever from entire staff of that pizza joint!
NightHoss77: any time ur address pops up now i bet he will grab that tic
Nosfarato: order pizza for all the girls and having you all answer the dorr naked?
Nosfarato: *door
BobbyJ32252: Should have let him grab a tit!
hoggle1981: hi lacey
Topic: Answer Door Naked to Pizza guy! tip if you like lady ballz
Anonymodel: That was epic, Lolli. Just showing some love!
Naughtykittyr: that looks yummy
Naughtykittyr: banana peppers?
hometownBIG: omg omg omg omg
hoggle1981: i want pepsi
Akula84_: I had summer sausage for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch summer sausage for an afternoon snack and hot dogs for dinner.........I dead animal flesh
hoggle1981: no i came in while you were standing at the door
hoggle1981: i was just in time
Naughtykittyr: it was epic
hoggle1981: i heard him say wow
NightHoss77: he should of tiped you
Naughtykittyr: im sure they would
EtaAqua: Hi again! Saw tweet and saw you answer the door! WOW! A real rush!
Nosfarato: now I gotta have some pizza
Naughtykittyr: don't they serve you food there tho?
NightHoss77: would have been funny if it was a female
grandius: that would be awesome have like 8 naked chicks answer the door
grandius: at the mansion
NightHoss77: he should of paid for the pizza
durtypeep: how do you top that!whats the next topic?
grandius: wait...BETTER IDEA
durtypeep: i loved it
grandius: you open the door naked and be like "pizza guy is here" and random motels show up naked all going "pizza guy?" "pizza where?"
hdmonpic: Lady ballz? I'm terrified o.O
Akula84_: brb i have to go have my nightly war on facebook over factory farming
NightHoss77: have one girl answer the door and the rest of you all in a daisy chain only stoping to say thanks
hdmonpic: Oh, nice. Yes, you've got big balls.


LACEY said...

THANK YOU POKER BABE!! I love all the screenshots you took. I wish i'd opened the door better and thought it out... so you guys could have seen at least his feet. he was a young asian guy very hot, very surprised and LOL very happy! he was like oh wow what an awesome tip!!!

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