Sunday, January 8, 2012

What will you tell your children

On ACF, PlayboyMegan started a thread named "What will you tell your children?"
I just wanted to re-post my answer here on this blog because I have a somewhat interesting story about a former Playboy model that I know.

When they ask about your job? I get asked this question a lot. Usually in a rude way. Curious about your answers! xo
I don't think I'll still be camming when I have children. People say, "they are going to google your name and see naked photos." Right, because we all google our moms, right??? :doh: Not like they won't ever see me naked. I'm practically a nudist. I'm nude a lot. I just see nothing wrong with nudity as long as it's not sexual in front of your children. If they asked, I wouldn't lie. i just don't see why they would. I plan on raising my children in a very strict Christian home where internet access is heavily monitored. I also hope they would pick friends that do not view porn underage. Just like I would not discuss my sex life to my children, I would not have to discuss my camming life. They don't need to know everything. But if they were old enough and asked, I would tell them. I am not ashamed of what I do, or I wouldn't do it!

[My Response]
This question reminds me of a friend of mine and how she is with her daughter...
Ever seen Michael Jackson's music video "Thriller"?
(I'm sure everyone here has at one point in time.) Well you know the girl in that video... the one running away from Zombie Michael Jackson...

That's Ola Ray. Ola Ray was also Playmate of the year back in the 80s and has been very active with Playboy ever since.

Anyways years back, when I hung out at her house for the first time, she was showing me this very nice hardbound addition playboy book that was nothing but photos of nude models. Well as we where looking at it, her (then) 4 year old daughter comes right up to us, curious of what it was we were looking at and what it was we were discussing. Acting on gut reflex I quickly close the book, and move it away from her child. I'll never forget the most bewildered look that came over both of their faces when I did that. Ola says to me, "why'd you close up the book like that?". Then I told her that I thought her daughter wasn't supposed to see it. She then laughed at me and said that her baby has been seeing Playboy magazines, models, nude photos, etc... ever since she was born. It's never been hidden from her, and that she was used to it.
The point I'm getting at here is, that I learned something from Ola that day... Nude modeling, was a part of her career. She didn't see anything wrong with what she was doing. I'm sure most people would be of the opinion that exposing her daughter to the Playboy environment would be inappropriate, but she didn't care what other people thought. She saw nothing wrong with nude modeling, and would even support her daughter 100% if that was the path she decided to go down when she became an adult.

So lead by example, if you feel that there is something wrong or immoral with the line of work you do, and wouldn't want your child to do it... then you shouldn't do it either. Everyone knows that the old "do as I say, not as I do" line is a major cop-out and doesn't cut it.
But if you feel that there is nothing wrong with what you do for a living, then who cares if your kids "googles" your name some time in the future and happens upon your Playboy spread. So what if "others" make you feel like it's something you need to be ashamed of. If you truly believe that there is nothing wrong with what you do, you will have nothing to hide from your kids.
At least that's my :twocents-02cents:


Parsnippy said...

I saw this thread on ACF and I have to say your viewpoint on the whole concept is very logical. People tend to get very bothered about teaching children about nudity and sex but really I think it's probably the people who were sheltered as children who suffer the most in later life. Sexual education is becoming more and more prominent in schools, I don't see any reason why parents should be left out of the loop.

Sunny Fourtwenty said...

I love this article thank you! And I agree with Parsnippy's comment :)

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