Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exotic Publishing's Code of Ethics for an Escort Agency (Service)

I really liked what this woman wrote, so I'm re-posting it here.

To see the OP go here:

1.      No escort agency owner will sexually harass or FORCE his/her girls to sleep with him/her. Sexual assault/Rape is FORBIDDEN!
No escort agency owner will stipulate that his/her escorts have to sleep with him/her in order to be screened!
If you feel the need to make sure the girls can really do their job well, there are other ways to go about that and you can contact me if you are serious about coming up with ways to screen girls, but you sleeping with them is NOT acceptable.
A lot of escort agency owners use this industry as a way to get an unlimited supply of sex or as a way to sexual harass females knowing fill well they will usually get away with it because most escorts won't complain. That to me means you are a pimp and WE DON'T TOLERATE PIMPS!
You may not look like a pimp, or even act like a pimp we've all seen on TV, but clearly forcing girls to sleep with you in order to get calls, or even to get the job in the first place is pimp behavior. It's really that plain and simple.
Escorts feel they have no other choice or, they are gullible and naive thinking this is expected of them and par for the course, especially if they are new to the escort industry.
Others feel weird about being told they have to sleep with the boss, and others still become jealous wondering why every girl in the agency is sleeping with the boss except for her. This is why NO ONE should be intimate with their own escorts because that is stepping over the line of professionalism.
Even if you pay the escort to sleep with her, this doesn't excuse your behavior!
Abusing your power by crossing the line is abusing your power and crossing the line.
If you need companionship, then call another agency and hire their girls. That's not that uncommon.

2.      No escort agency owner will give drugs or alcohol to an escort in order to keep her working or stuck in their office/home. Sure some people want to have one drink or a joint to relax, but I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about getting girls drunk or constantly high, or even worse, getting them addicted to other drugs just to keep them spaced out so they will be forced to work whenever you want them to and you can take advantage of them. If you have to use sleazy tactics to manipulate the girls, again, you are really just a pimp (male or female).
Wining and dining an escort for doing a great job is not what I am talking about here.
If you can't find other ethical means to keeping the girls working for you, YOU shouldn't be owning an escort agency. 
It has always been a challenge for escorts as the really insecure and emotionally unstable ones almost always get involved with drugs and alcohol. It should be your duty as an escort agency owner to do whatever you can to prevent them from becoming alcoholics and drug addicts.
Nothing makes my heart fill with warmth more than when I read stories from professional escorts who DON'T do any drugs. In fact some of them don't even take a drink when they are on a call.
We should all aspire to be just like them. They are my role models
3.      You will NOT force an escort to work.
While everyone wants escorts to work as much as they can, if a girl refuses a call, that is her right.
If she does it on a consistent basis or even 1-2 times per month, this tells me she isn't a good escort and you should just let her go. Any good escort has no problem seeing almost 100% of all clients.
Escorts have the right to refuse to see clients who they know are family members, who are unclean, or just creep them out. If you can't respect that, you SHOULDN'T be running an escort agency.
Escorts are NOT machines, they are human beings. It can be very hard for an escort to see more than 4-6 clients in one shift. The odd one can, most can't.
While I had certain rules the escorts had to adhere to while on their shift, if an escort was just too tired, or her shift ended and she said NO to additional calls & it was obvious she had already worked herself to the bone, I had to respect that.

4.      You will not knowingly try to cause fights amongst the escort.

5.      You will not favor one escort over another UNLESS it's only because she does her job very well.

6.      If it's clear an escort isn't suited to be an escort, it is your duty to let her go.
It takes a special type of girl to be an escort. It takes an even more unique female to be a fabulous escort.
Sometimes we just have to let ones go who we know won't be able to do this job because it will really damage them emotionally.

7.      You take every conceivable measure to protect your girls by having the following:
a) drivers (you DON'T let the escorts drive themselves to calls and you only use taxis when you have no other choice because it's that busy)
b) a bad list database so you keep on top of clients or potential clients who are time wasters or can be harmful to the escorts. Unfortunately the EBS Website Manager Escort Business Solutions is ready yet, so hopefully you have something in place in the meantime.
c) smart intuitive phone people who care about their job

8.      If you run an agency and are responsible for booking the calls for the escorts, you give your clients (the clients who see escorts) the best customer service possible.
This includes, but is not limited to:
a) a friendly demeanor
b) if the client has a complaint, you address it unless the client is just a very very difficult client to deal with and is being totally unreasonable.
c) You return the client's call within a timely manner (not 30-60 minutes later)
d) you send the client the girl that meets his/her requirements. You don't send them a blond when he wanted a brunette, overweight when he wanted slim, etc. And you don't force the girls to remember tons of untrue things about themselves because you keep changing their names and description. Asking them to remember they are 21 instead of 25 once in a blue moon is one thing, changing their entire description almost every time you book her is just unprofessional, causes tons of stress for the girl and eventually the client figures out you lied to him/her.
If you don't have enough girls, you have to really buckle down and figure out how to get more. We understand you may be low on girls at certain times, but once you become successful, you should have no problem having at least 20-35 girls on roaster unless you are in a small town.
e) You try to the client the escort in a timely manner. Exotic Publishing recognizes that getting escorts to their destination can be a challenge in a large city, but to keep a client waiting 1 1/2-2+ hours without letting him/her know there is a delay is unacceptable.
Once again, we understand that this may happen once in a blue moon, but if it happens on a regular basis, it's either a management issue, or it shows you just don't care.
f) You have true & accurate pictures of the girls on your site. This means you aren't putting up stock photos and then lying to the clients about what the girls really look like.
g) You will NEVER knowingly allow an escort to work for you if you know she has any kind of illness that is harmful to your clients.

9.      If your agency business model bills by time, your clients get the FULL amount of time they paid for unless the client chooses to end the call earlier.

10.  You do NOT steal from clients by committing credit card fraud, doing a "grab and run", or constantly giving them less time than they paid for.

11.  You do NOT blackmail clients, other escort agency owners, escorts, drivers, phone people, etc.

12.  You NEVER physically abuse the client unless the girl or your driver has been threatened, assaulted, or is in danger. Then we feel you have the right to protect yourself, your agency, your girls and your driver.

13.  You keep all information about your clients, support staff, and the escorts you hire completely confidential unless you have had major problems with them and they need to be put on a bad list or review board, or it compromises your safety.

14.  You do your best to keep the identity of your escorts totally discrete unless it compromises your safety. 

Thank you
Exotic Publishing
More may be coming soon...
If you want to find out about Exotic Publishing's Seal of Approval, please click here...


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This is right. I should let my Perth escort colleagues read this.

Romeo Davis said...

Not trying to insult this "Code of Ethics" but most of what's in this made me laugh, NOT BECAUSE I think it's stupid, but because of how I imagine people do something that is against the Code. Nice work though:D

Candy Palmer said...

I came back to your post to thank you for sharing this information with us Perth escorts. It's really informative, especially for girls with agencies.

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