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Where to buy bras for small breasts

I did not write this article, but I found it to be so helpful, that I thought it should be re-posted.
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First of all, let's start at the beginning. In order to wear the right bra, you need to know your bra size.
If you're not sure whether you're an AAA, AA, A, B -  you can use this international bra calculator to find out, or use this chart for small breast sizes, by  EvesApples Lingerie.
Even if you think you know your bra size, double check - they say the majority of women wear the wrong bra size! And it will be a lot more difficult to find a comfortable and flattering small bra if you're not wearing the right size.By Pelpina

On the lookout for a cute bra that will fit your small breasts? Trying to find something that won't make your chest look flat? You're not alone!

Bra Size: AA cup? A cup? B cup?
Best Websites To Shop for Small Bras

But even if you know your bra size, it can be challenging to find the right bra - especially if you have small breasts.
A great way to get around this is to shop online. I'll start a list of websites that sell small bras here. If you know of any more websites who specialize in lingerie for small breasts, let me know - and I'll add it to the list! Please also let me know of any experience (good or bad) you've had with the products sold on these websites - I want to make sure I'm giving you all the best advice!

Small Lingerie: Lulalu
One of the best websites out there dedicated to small bras is - this website specializes in petite lingerie, and their slogan is 'small is beautiful.' They specialize in AAA, AA, and A cup bras.


Lingerie for Small Breasts: The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company
I love 'The Little Bra Company' because they not only sell small bras - they have a great online presence, are active in social media, create videos AND - they also sell bras in stores around the world!
So that means, you can actually go to a store and get a bra fitted - one of the problems with buying bras online! I just discovered this website, and unfortunately, the closest store is about a 3,5 hour drive for me (Houston), but as soon as I do go to Houston, I'd love to give them a try and review one of their bras. Check out this list - they might have a location near you.

Lingerie for small breasts: AAlingerie
Another good source is they also have a wide variety in bras, and mainly sell AA, A, and B cups. They have a lot of different styles, different colors, and different sizes.


Small Busted Bras at EvesApples
is another site that specifically caters to small busted women.They also have a great bra size calculator, specifically for small breasts. Check it out here.


Small bras at Playtex
Also, Playtex makes some very good bra's in uncommon sizes as well. They have 'nearly' sizes if you're just under a size. Their website is a great way to find your bra size - you can even print out a tape measure to calculate your size.


Bra-tips for small breasts

  • Always wear a bra that fits you well - and wear it the right way.
  • Try to wear delicate, small bras that don't overwhelm your petite frame.
  • The less fabric, the better. Triangle cups and demi cups will look good on your small breasts. Try to avoid anything that covers up your entire chest, it will make you look flatter.
  • Choose bras with thin straps over thick ones.
  • Wear bras with patterns, colors, and a feminine look.
  • But most importantly: wear a bra that makes you feel comfortable, attractive, and YOU!
And these tips go for a swimsuit/bikini as well!

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