Friday, April 6, 2012

Tip Notes

Written by AmberCutie,

I have come to notice that tip notes are not utilized as often as they should be. After running a raffle for 2.5 weeks, I look back on how many times I had to ask "is that for a raffle ticket or just because I'm awesome and you like me?" and wonder if the tippers realized how helpful a simple "tix" or "raffle" would have been in the comment.

We models don't want to force raffle tickets down members' throats if they don't want them, as we would rather someone who actually wants the prize to win. So by asking, sometimes we inadvertently pressure them into saying "yeah, sure a ticket is great" when they really couldn't care less about winning.

I love love LOVE tip comments. A tip that comes without a note (while still completely AWESOME) makes me wonder what it's for. Also, sometimes I find the words in the comment to be even more flattering than the tip itself. I love notes that make me giggle or blush. They make my day. ;)

Sometimes, we models will set our raffle, or pic sets, or videos to be a specific amount (like my 999 for VIP) so that if someone tips it with no note, we still know the intention. But there are some people who refuse to have an uneven token amount left and still expect us to read their minds about their tip purpose.

Why am I posting this? I'm probably preaching to the choir here, since those of you who read ACF are already more informed of MFC etiquette than others, but I figured it was with pointing out...

If a tip is for anything other than "just because" or "for the topic countdown", please, please please put your intention on the note. It takes mere seconds, and avoids minutes of model confusion.
Thank you, and have a lovely day.

The models of ACF and MFC.

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